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Swimming Scholarships

The best way to combine swimming and education at an American University.  




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Swimming Scholarships

Dayen Wilson is making an Impact in College at Denison University.

Swimming Scholarships

Swimming is the sport that has historically produced the most Olympic participants and medal winners. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, for instance, 64 swimmers were current college swimmers, with many more being previous NCAA swimmers. Katie Ledecky, who just weeks after the Rio Olympics enrolled as a freshman at Stanford University, is one of several who has chosen the college route to further their academic careers after having experienced Olympic success.

Am I eligible?

Having a high enough GPA or SAT/ACT score is the passport to obtaining a swimming scholarship. Achievements in the pool will count for nothing if you do not have the right academic grades. The ASM Scholarships team has the ability and the experience to steer you through the qualification process. It is an integral element of our approach to carefully evaluate and help fulfill your personal potential by working with you to select a college program that will allow you to improve your grades if necessary.


Swimming scholarships are available for many international athletes, but obviously your personal best times, the competitions you have participated in, and your potential for further improvement are all factors that a swimming coach will consider before he offers a scholarship. Scholarships can be awarded in several divisions, including NCAA division 1, division 2, NAIA, and NJCAA.

While many NCAA swimmers have won gold medals at Olympic Games or World Championships, there is one rather unusual NCAA swimming anecdote that illustrates the strict conditions which apply. The most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, actually worked as an assistant coach under Coach Bob Bowden at the University of Michigan, while taking sports management classes at the university. Phelps, unfortunately, could not swim for the team as he had previously accepted endorsement contracts, which therefore violated NCAA amateur rules.

Why swim in the USA as a Student-Athlete?

Swimming scholarships in the USA represent one of the best options for high school students, wherever in the world, they are currently studying and training. There are at present over 500 swimming programs on offer in the USA, all of which offer an Olympic sized pool and first-class training facilities for their student-athletes.

Student-athletes seeking a swimming scholarship in America will encounter some of the toughest training schedules in sports. The grueling schedule includes early starts in the pool, followed by university or college classes, evening sessions, and competitions. It is little wonder that America’s best swimming programs have played a major role in developing some of the best swimmers in the world into medal winners at World Championships and at the Olympics.

American university teams compete regionally and nationally. However, the competition for travel opportunities with the squad starts at practice. Qualifying for the travel team requires student swimmers to compete against teammates on a daily basis. This ensures that every session is vital to each athlete; it provides them with in-house competition to sharpen their competitive edge.

The process to securing a swimming scholarship 

Our team will work with you directly to complete each stage necessary to making sure your future swimming pathway in America is easy and without hassle. 

Game plan

  • Customized recruitment timeline planning
  • Introduction to your management team members 
  • Online ASM profile development & creation
  • College recruitment video production & editing
  • Access to ASM online recruitment academy portal 


  • Review of athlete academic credentials   
  • Identification of necessary exams
  • SAT registration & prep*
  • Toefl registration & prep*
  • ACT registration & prep*
  • NCAA Clearinghouse registration* 
  • NAIA Clearinghouse registration* 
  • Scheduling of your personal exam tutor prep classes  

College marketing & Scholarship commitment

  • Identification & research of potential schools    
  • Activation of soft recruitment campaign 
  • Evaluation of initial marketing campaign 
  • Activation of hard recruitment campaign 
  • College coach interview prep


  • Finalizing of all college interest
  • Organization of college/university official visits*     
  • Sport scholarship final offers
  • Review of offers & division making support
  • School application paperwork support
  • National Letter of Intent support


U.S. Entry prep

  • I20 preparation & support     
  • Organization of U.S. embassy student visa process 
  • Scholarship & Health insurance guidance & activation
  • Travel arrangements support   
  • College pre checklist 

Support & Pro Career Management

  • Personal management  
  • Support during university  
  • University transfer assistance* 
  • Tour swimming invites 
  • Sponsorship introductions 


*Only if required 

Scholarship commitment

Career pathway overview

College sports provides athletes the best of both worlds. Study and the ability to play high level sport. During this time we will continue to help manage your future career goals.

Step 1Development

Step 2University Placement

Step 3Career Management



Athlete Preperation

Job Market

18 - 23 years of ageaverage 

23yrs +

14 - 19 years of ageaverage 

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