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Softball Scholarships

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Softball Scholarships

Softball is one of the most popular and most played sports for women in America. This makes softball scholarships a little tricky to attain because are a lot of players competing for those same scholarships. However, with the right contacts and by knowing the coaches from the different universities, there are indeed scholarship opportunities available for talented players from around the world.

Consider all your options

A very interesting fact about college softball, is that there are a lot of very good teams and scholarship opportunities in the NJCAA, which is the organization that runs the athletic championships at the junior college level. While this also applies to other sports, the amounts of scholarships available per team in junior college softball is by far the highest among all female sports. Junior College teams are allowed to give out 24 scholarships per year and most teams consist of only about 20 players, which means that full scholarships are indeed rather common and available. Especially, for international players, who might be a little bit less experienced, this junior college route might be very helpful, both financially and from an athletic standpoint. Two years of junior college might be exactly what an international softball player with less experience might need, to further sharpen her game before then transferring on to a 4-year university to finish her degree and play her last two years of college softball.


What do softball coaches look for?

Just like it is the case in baseball, many softball coaches actually look for international players, who might be a little less experienced, but who might have this one special talent that can then be developed into a real asset over in America. Speed, a strong arm, or simply having great power with the bat are just a few attributes that an american college coach might be looking for. We get calls from coaches all the time, asking for talented foreign players, so if you have always dreamed of playing softball in America, do not hesitate to give it a try. It might be the perfect way to take your softball career to the next level!

The process to securing a softball scholarship 

Our team will work with you directly to complete each stage necessary to making sure your future softball pathway in America is easy and without hassle. 

Scholarship commitment

Game plan

  • Customized recruitment timeline planning
  • Introduction to your management team members 
  • Online ASM profile development & creation
  • College recruitment video production & editing
  • Access to ASM online recruitment academy portal 


  • Review of athlete academic credentials   
  • Identification of necessary exams
  • SAT registration & prep*
  • Toefl registration & prep*
  • ACT registration & prep*
  • NCAA Clearinghouse registration* 
  • NAIA Clearinghouse registration* 
  • Scheduling of your personal exam tutor prep classes  
  • Identification & research of potential schools    
  • Activation of soft recruitment campaign 
  • Evaluation of initial marketing campaign 
  • Activation of hard recruitment campaign 
  • College coach interview prep


College marketing & Scholarship commitment

  • I20 preparation & support     
  • Organization of U.S. embassy student visa process 
  • Scholarship & Health insurance guidance & activation
  • Travel arrangements support   
  • College pre checklist 

U.S. Entry prep

  • Personal management  
  • Support during university  
  • University transfer assistance* 
  • Tour softball invites 
  • Sponsorship introductions 


Support & Pro Career Management

*Only if required 

  • Finalizing of all college interest
  • Organization of college/university official visits*     
  • Sport scholarship final offers
  • Review of offers & division making support
  • School application paperwork support
  • National Letter of Intent support


Step 1


Step 2

University Placement

Step 3

Career Management

14 - 19 years of age


18 - 23 years of age


23yrs +







Job Market


College sports provides athletes the best of both worlds. Study and the ability to play high level sport. During this time we will continue to help manage your future career goals.

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