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“It’s incredible to be able to give back and help the future champions of sport.  ”

Ernie Els, ASM Sports Group, Co-Founder 

Why we do this

"My teacher at 16 told me I would never go to university with my school grades, 15 years later I graduated with a Business & economics degree and now help thousands of athletes like you secure sports scholarships worth $30,000 per year. Never doubt yourself you can achieve anything, we believe in you."

We have helped over 5000 athletes from over 90 countries across 22 sports.
On average we help our athletes secure $30,000 per year in sport scholarships.

Who manages your future is crucial. Our team are all former coaches or athletes, so we are all super competitive and we strive to win

We based our Global HQ in Florida so we can be in the same time zone as coaches, but we also have 100+ active global scouts in over 90 countries and offices in Europe, Asia & South Africa 

Coaches interview, university tours and more

How we help

Over the years we have built an incredible network among college coaches. These relationships allow us to connect you directly with the coaches that can provide you thousands of dollars in financial scholarship aid. 

20,000+                          5000+                      $100,000,000

College coach contacts we have

Student-athletes we helped 

Total scholarships we have secured 

Good to know

We believe in educating our athletes and families. During the college recruiting process and beyond we will continue to pass our knowledge and experiences to best serve you in making the right choices for your sporting and career future.

When should you start your college recruiting process? 

We always say, put yourself in the coach's shoes. The more time you have the less stress, time to work on goals, and time for the coach to build a relationships with you  to make sure you are the right scholarship candidate.

What is the difference between NCAA, NAIA, IVY or NJCAA?

Did you know there are over 3000+ universities in America across 50 states?

What is the athlete assessment ?

We believe in providing the correct advise. Our very first step of the college recruiting process is to provide you with  a current athlete assessment. This way you know what will be possible and what to work on. 

How we manage your college recruiting process

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Many athletes that go into this process do not understand every step towards getting recruited to a university. From day 1 we prepare  your personalized college recruiting  to do list. 

Full ride / partial scholarship?

Are you wondering what a sport scholarship actually covers? In this video we explain all. See link below for a real clients scholarship examples we secured.

What is a recruiting profile? 

Your recruiting profile is essential for our team to showcase your talent to college coaches. Track your views, update your latest results, and receive direct messages. New App coming in Spring 2023. 

How we will get you recruited

On average we secure $30,000 per year for our student-athletes that join Team ASM. Watch the video below to see how we secured over $500,000 in one month for our clients.

Task: Required

Below is our college recruiting to do list. Every month your sports manager will work with you to complete each task and phase to make sure your on track to securing your sport scholarship and sports career future. 


When is the best time to start my college recruitment process?

The more time you allow for our team to work on your recruitment campaign the increased ability we have to secure the results within your assessment report. 

How can I see success stories? 

We have placed over 1000+ student athletes in the last 24 months. We share all our success stories on our socials, website and YouTube channel. 

What is the difference between athletic associations? 

The are 4 different types of athletic associations. Ivy League, NCAA, NAIA and Juco. Each association has it’s benefits, the video below explains in detail what you need to know. Within this assessment we have listed what associations and division we believe are achievable for you. 

Can I transfer between associations or divisions? 

Yes you can. It is becoming increasing common for student athletes to transfer between universities.  

What are the SAT’s? 

The SAT exam will test your English and Math skills. The test is out of 1600 points, the higher score you achieve the larger scholarships we can secure. 

What are the TOEFL exam?

You will need to take the TOEFL exam if you do not speak English as your native language. 

What happens if my sport level or academics increases or drops during my recruitment process? 

This can work both ways. If you level drops it can lower your ability to secure higher sport scholarship offers but if you sport level or academic results increase/improve during the process it will help our team secure better offers for you. Our assessment report takes into consideration these outcomes, which is why if we highly more than one option you are fully prepared. 

Can I lose my sport scholarship? 

Unfortunately yes you can. If you do not maintain your minimum GPA the university can pull your scholarship. Your NLI is your sport scholarship contract, it’s important you understand your agreement and what is required from you. ASM Scholarships will help improve your terms and conditions making sure you are protected. 

If I am not on a full ride scholarship can I get a full ride in year 2? 

Yes you can. Provided you reach the requirements from your college coach and NLI agreement our team can renegotiate your sport scholarship offer. 

Is my sport scholarship for one or all four years? 

This depends on how your NLI agreement is set up. However even if your offer is for four years you must maintain the minimum requires to secure your offer, which are dependable on academic and sporting standards. ASM Scholarships will always aim to secure a 4 year offer for you. 

I am not from America, how do I get a Visa? 

Yes, if you are not a United States of America citizen you will be required to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. ASM Scholarships helps you with this process. 

What is the NCAA or NAIA Clearinghouse? 

Both NCAA & NAIA require for you to complete the Clearinghouse process. During this process you will need to submit your school grades, SAT/TOEFL scores and provide your athletic results. Once approved you will be provided with your ID number and eligibility status. This process is not required for NJCAA universities. 

How does your refund policy work? 

Our refund policy is included in your athlete representation agreement, which you can view on our membership page. We refund all client’s where we are not able to secure university interest based on your sport scholarship assessment report.

What is the athlete management tracker?

During the start of your recruitment process we will create your online athlete management tracker so you can keep track of your to do list, universities list we are working on connections for you and sport schedule planning. 

Another scholarship agency said I can pay upon success, why don’t you offer this?

The NCAA forbids recruitment agencies to charge fees based on sport scholarship percentages or upon securing a sport scholarship offer. If an athlete is caught doing this you will lose your eligibility. ASM Scholarships works closing with the NCAA to report agencies or individuals that break the bylaws of the NCAA. Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospect may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high-school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospect in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.

Where is ASM Scholarships located? 

How Global HQ is located at 1700 Palm Beach Lakes, West Palm Beach, FLM 33401, USA.

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